Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indians for Hillary Clinton

For years India has ensured its best and the brightest headed to the land of opportunities as soon as the opportunity presented could be a bright engineer, bright MBA, bright scientist, bright scholar, bright bridegroom or just a bright Punjabi with the opportunity and before the plane had stopped rolling on the tarmac these brights would have established themselves as the pillars of the society and economy in the land of unlimited opportunity.

Only reasonable to expect of the quickly assimilating "browns" that before long they were getting politically savvy and displaying that famed brightness as discerning vote banks. This was further evidenced by "Bobby" Jindal from Punjab hinterland who quickly converted to Christianity (what's with the US ..can only church going, God fearing Christian who ascribe to George W.'s Intelligent Design magic ever get elected in this most developed of the developed ?) , disavowed his links with India, declared himself "Bobby" and got into seriously ingratiating himself with the powers that be. To be fair, he is a declared professional politician.
Lending credence to the assumption that only the brightest of the bright were allowed ashore off the boats was that turbanned marvel Sant Singh Chatwal who borrowed to the hilt from US banks before declaring bankruptcy and sidling up to the Clintons at every public event (where security was lax) till they began to acknowledge his striking headgear with increasing interest which inexorably transformed into back slapping friendship that continues to this day. In fact Chatwal is totally immersed in all kinds of fund raising and financing efforts of the Bill's various foundations to save the world and his services are proving indispensable for shaking down reluctant donors for Hillary's grand campaign( she's doing it for the country not herself) so they do not have to part with any of their own hard earned cash.

Why are we interested in this at all ? Well her false smiles and eyes popping in fake joy jar our senses thousands of miles away at an average 5 times a day and her utterances disturbingly bring up violent thoughts that one believed was only possible towards this sorry assed simian . .more on this Schmuckaroo later..I promise.

Coming back to Billy and Hillary, the unbelievable support she enjoys amongst American people and establishment ( as evidenced by her previously inevitable nomination) speaks volumes for why the USA is such a great nation and has taken a lead role in charting a course for this planet (and a few neighboring ones too,if possible) and most of the flora and fauna therein.
Ok, so most of her supporters are the illiterate, blue collar, rural and old biddies worried about a young black male running the country, but even so it does not explain the Indian community ( those few forward thinkers who have been able to refrain from trying to elect George W. the third time) supporting this two(rumor has it three) faced, sniper ducking, ready to lead from day one, gimmick on legs..especially when these are supposed to be best an brightest India produces..though I have to confess her blatant hypocrisy would have brought back fond memories(little twinges of guilt maybe?) of Indian politicians they left behind.

The only reason I can think of is that Indians are as racist (if not most) amongst all races when it comes to racism. This behavior has actually been finely practiced over the centuries and in the absence of consistent color characteristics to practice discrimination against, the previous generations struck upon caste system to be able to safely and surely discriminate and exploit.
This was safer than using skin color , which tended to vary from very fair to very dark through generations and within same castes / tribes inexplicably.Thus the skin color based discrimination was only practised against Blacks, as in African, whose color showed more consistency and could be safely used to feel superior and less worthless (brown holier than black) in these difficult times, what with casteism outlawed by infiltrated policymakers.
Fast forward to the US and despite all their academic, technological and financial success, the Indian community still struggled to be seen as anything but Brown or Indian or Asian despite much efforts to acquire mainstream first names, houses, cars, nannies, schools, professions etc.
Actually, the only acquisition which did significantly help, was getting a non Indian wife(only works for men not vice versa) to break through the brown ceiling.
Now that I focus on this, it becomes somewhat evident that the greatest factor by far is the Indian woman and her Indianness that hampers most of the progress towards blending into the American dream without the color coded baggage tags. It does sound callous but the closest any brown(we're talking only males here) has made it to the (white) American dream is by getting a non brown spouse.
This seems statistically significant to such a morbid degree that it rules out brown females being part of any (non Exotic) American dream in any forseeable future.
The contributing factors are stark( though too shallow to even think this way as they'd say):

  • She cannot dress western(trying too hard) and cannot dress Indian (too exotic).
  • She never does work out ( by mid thirties is carrying enough lard on hips to drive husbands wild)..severely restricting her clothing universe as well as vacation destinations (further away from beaches).
  • Always trying to get a grip on her social insecurity, cultural insecurity, sexual insecurity, parental insecurity, religious insecurity and any new insecurity that the TV or Bollywood potboiler may throw up in the evening.
  • A complex, emotional and intricate logic and reasoning (or lack) dog an Indian woman's mind even without transporting her millions of miles into a social, moral and psychological war zone where she feels physically (and colorfully) bested in most non brown settings, resulting in a lot more non linear behavioral idiosyncrasies that define her day.
  • Most waking hours her mindset (mildly set) dwells on concepts like how much she cares, sacrifices, loves, gives up , provides, labors uncomplaining, adjusts as a woman and is still deeply unappreciated.. to arrive at(very convinced) the truth of how much more she deserves , earned the right to, have claim to, should be showered with, from all and sundry populating her life.
By the time the brown man gets to reasoning(to her) and rationalizing(to himself) how important this woman and family life is to him and how much he really,really appreciates her, he has lost the plot of where it all started out from.

So, where does that leave the Indian American when the elections come to his/her look at Barack Obama and his athletic(and black) looks decides it for the shape challenged (usually wife) as this is exactly the kind of change they can do without (in fact any change to their status quo looks like too much work ) ..also Hillary's shape is one they can readily identify with.

So the female(shape challenged predominant) brown vote goes to Hillary Clinton..and most line toeing husbands easily get beaten into toeing this line, especially given that George W cannot be voted in for a third term and is not a candidate.
But even without the wife issues dominating the brown vote bank, the racist underbelly of the subcontinent plays up significantly enough as blacks are the only ones brown parents still shudder to think may one day be their son-in -laws or daughter-in-laws ( not to mention the mama-in-laws) where does this vote go?

I know this is subject went way off topic, but it was coming when even the milkman in India recognises HC and our local markets are still coping with US fund "managers" orgies here last year we gotta keep a lookout on what the blueCollars and illiterates in rural America, who seem to be suddenly having a hard time, might foist on us after their Texan chimpanzee.

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