Monday, February 4, 2013

Gravity putting up a fight.

A while back, Ludic Research decided to monetise their collective Intestinal Fortitude to relieve the Clueless Coots, that throng the Indian Stock exchanges (despite being unable to count to 16 without taking off their shoes!) of their Clueless Cash.
Things went swimmingly for some a while.. and much sun,fun,wine and women were partook by all.
But lately Gravity, as usual, seems to be fighting to regain some of that lost respect. As more folks have took notice on twitter etc. and unable to digest Dart Chimps trumping heavy artillery of white/brown StockMkt "experts".. started suspecting Human hands behind the Darts. This actually neatly fits in with the way human minds love to build a Story to "make sense of" / "understand" anything it cannot either.

In view of such slanderous narration, we re-summarize some suicidal Rules drafted for the Chimps to live by :
  1. Trade a bigBoys' instrument.. no avoiding Alpha(human) males.
  2. Trade all the time.. no sitting on Sidelines.
  3. Broadcast all Trades.. no Shrinking Voilets.
  4. Point and Laugh at all others.. no man-made Modesty.
  5. Commit Blasphemy every day.. no Divine help sought.
  6. Stay Dying.
The issue at stake is.. can monkeys beat the nasties ?
Back to Darts now.

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Anonymous said...

all the attributes fit @deepakshenoy beautifully! hahahhahahahahah