Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Loudest Stopped Clock..

Till recently, Nouriel Roubini was just another unhappy, funny talking, middling, middle aged middle Eastern, with a large middle, who spent his waking hours prognosticating apocalyptic events with a knowledgeably serious air and sparse hair.

For years he'd been waiting in the rain for the law of probability to catch up with his doomsday fairy tales but his little ship just wasn't coming in.
But he kept pitching away.. rain or sunshine.. Nouriel had a newReel every week.
Katerina, Trade deficits , Alien invasions, Govt spending, Consumer not spending, GWBush coverting Muslim , Housing price decline, Internet causing cancer.. Our man NoReel tried and tested hundreds of imminent reasons for Financial Armageddon 5 days  a week and realized the louder he yelled from higher soap boxes .. the better it worked for his morning hangovers.
And so he kept plugging away while trying not to worry about his diminishing hair and sex life.

And suddenly the US housing market ACTUALLY went into DECLINE !!!!!!!!!


His tide was in and Dr.Doom's face was lit up like a Christmas Tree!
NewReel was his name and Ladies was his game !

Suddenly the World looked around for heroes whoSawItComing.. (At Wall Street ,of course .. nobody saw it coming ) .. and that was where our STOPPED CLOCK quietly scored loudest.

Unequivocally the LOUDEST stopped clock wins.

Though, what the world forgot is that a Stopped Clock remains Stopped and since 2008 ignoring NoReel "stoppedClock" Roubini would have paid off immensely.

When you add up that nobody paid heed to him earlier .. and not heeding him later would have recovered all and more.. begs the Question.. what real purpose does a Stopped Clock serve ?

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