Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why White Man can't make money in India..

Every shade of white man periodically gets unhinged about "The India Story" and suddenly realizes his lackluster performance in developed markets can only be sexed up quickly by taking his awesome skills to the Third world and taking some money off  them clueless Natives.

These serious looking, serious talking fools can be spotted easily in the Indian metros during every Bull market, as apart from the giant Bulls-Eye painted on their butt, they are uniformly dull :

  • They ONLY "invest" Other People's Money.. no skin in game as THAT would involve faith in own abilities!
  • They are always Salaried or otherwise fixed remuneration to ensure their "investing" or "allocating" (lack of ) skills do NOT have to keep home fires burning.
  •  They mostly are sidelined goats that have realized NOBODY wants them to trade/invest money in any developed markets anymore.
  • Their firms have large near interest free cash to "deploy" and  Emerging Markets looks like what everyone is talking about.. and our clueless "specialist" is quickly called into a meeting where a ticket to Mumbai is urgently arranged ( because Value has Emerged in India you know..).
  • The size of the funds he needs to get working are inversely related to his ability to locate his ass in the dark with both hands.
Thus armed our alpha generating alpha-male hits the ground running and before you know every  Rascal, Rake,wankStain, Politico-Business Scumbag who'd been shooed away from every known source of  finance in the country (even Public Sector Banks for Chrissake !!) .. suddenly finds himself awash with foreign "smart" money liquidity.. FII, P/E, QIP, FDI.. put near any three English alphabets in together and chances are there is whiteManMoney standing behind it. 

Thus it is this suddenly emerging Bull Market .. the white losers of last year are forgotten and no sooner do they slink away to lick their Third world Rupee wounds that a new crop of history impaired Lotharios descend on the country with Bernanke's freshly printed dollar bills to play BULL.

On The Other Hand .. at least they get to look and sound knowledgeable for some time and forget that useless feeling they grown up with .. even if fleetingly.

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